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- Jackie (Mauritius)

"Thanks for an awesome session earlier..... I was able to connect many dots which were fueling fears and actions (or lack thereof).  I have been able to reflect further and write these down as it is important that I remember.

One of the most empowering coaching sessions I have ever had... THANK YOU."

- Codie (Mauritius)

"It was such a joy talking to you last week! I truly appreciate the time and care you took in our discussion."

- Steve (UK)

"Your coaching had a great positive effect on my life and I am sure many more to come, Trina."

- Emily (UK)

I am delighted to...write this...for Trina, a truly exceptional life coach who played a pivotal role in my journey to overcome the grief I was experiencing after the loss of a dear friend.

From our very first session, Trina's keen listening skills and empathetic approach set her apart from other coaches I've encountered. She possesses a rare ability to truly hear and understand her clients' feelings, which allows her to offer personalized guidance and support tailored to their unique circumstances.

During our time together, Trina's genuine compassion and warmth shone through, and I felt comfortable opening up to her about my most vulnerable emotions. She helped me navigate the complexities of grief with a gentle, yet steady hand, and provided me with invaluable tools to process and heal from my loss.
What makes Trina truly stand out as a life coach is her unwavering commitment to her client's well-being. She goes above and beyond to ensure they feel supported and empowered, even outside of their scheduled sessions. Her dedication to helping others heal, grow, and thrive is truly inspirational.
I cannot recommend Trina highly enough for anyone seeking guidance and support in their personal or professional lives. Her incredible listening skills, empathetic nature, and deep commitment to her client's growth make her a truly exceptional life coach, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.."

- Jackie (South Africa)

"The foundation for every successful coaching partnership is the quality of the trust relationship and interaction between the coaching partners! And being coached by Trina, I had the privilege of experiencing just that!

Trina is a highly effective, compassionate and empathetic coach who is extremely committed to supporting her clients’ success. Our coaching sessions together were highly interactive where she was able to elicit some really good thinking and support me in creating realistic plans to reach my outcomes, holding me at all times accountable for the achievement thereof.

I can, without any hesitation whatsoever, recommend Trina as an excellent coach!."

- Anonymous

“Love your website and your authenticity! And your coaching sessions are lively, inspirational and super effective 💪.”

- Coralie (Mauritius)

Trina helped me to focus on the things I wanted to achieve. She quickly helped me realise what I really wanted to achieve and not get distracted or overwhelmed by the load of work that I believed was needed to achieve my goal. She was supportive of guiding and helped me realise that, by following my action plans, I could make it, and I did. This year, it is the best investment I made so far!

- Cleo (UK)

- Cat (UK)

"I’ve found Trina wonderful as a coach. She has always made me feel comfortable and supported. This enabled me to bring personal and important things into sessions to explore. With one of my sessions, I had a big decision to make (moving city to live with my partner) and didn’t expect that I’d get to the point of making that decision by the end of the session. The questions she asked were so good at getting me to understand my thoughts and feelings and my true goals. Without this I might still be stuck on what to do. In another session, we worked on what’s holding me back at work and I understand so much more about myself, and how I operate. I’ve just had so many realisations that will stick with me. Really recommend."
"You are, without a doubt, one of the best coaches I have had the pleasure of working with.
You have a real magic about you that oozes empathy and understanding, as well as an ability to challenge and shine a light on new perspectives."

- Karina (Mauritius)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful sessions and your invaluable guidance. I truly enjoyed every moment and learned a lot from you."

- Kerry (S. Africa)

"I moved to Mauritius with my family a year and a half ago & due to various personal circumstances, I found myself feeling stuck in a rut.

I knew I need to do something work-wise and even though I had ideas on what I wanted to do, I kept procrastinating and each week would come around and I had still not started anything. I became quite frustrated with my situation and knew I needed some help.

Trina was recommended to me, so, I set up a meeting to see if we could start a few sessions together.

I was immediately drawn to Trina’s energy and enthusiasm for the type of work /coaching she did.

Trina helped me get my ideas out of my head and onto paper; she helped me plan a rough timeline and after every session together, I found that I would work out a few more things in my head.

I would highly recommend Trina; she got me started and now I am keeping the momentum going."

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